Movie "Planet of Humans" goes live! (again)

05 June 2020

PLANET OF THE HUMANS -- FULL VERSION from Jeff Gibbs on Vimeo.

Dear Friends, dear fans, A while ago, as I was immersed into my Beethoven project, I was approached by the director for an upcoming movie , being made by Oscar-winning producer Michael Moore himself - "Planet of Humans". They wanted to use my performance of Beethoven's Appassionata in the movie. Of course I was flattered beyond my wits! Though I was told from the get-go that it wouldn't be a paid gig, as everyone involved basically donated their time and energy to make the movie possible, the very idea of being a part of such a project was worth everything to me. Michael Moore's works always stirred the debate about the most important things for our society, they made people TALK AND ARGUE, to admit problems, to find solutions and work on finding the way forward. I didn't even agree with things in his movies. With many things, I must admit. But as the questions were being raised, and as I was maturing myself, I did change my mind. It's a normal - adult - thing to do. I didn't need to read the scenario of "Planet of Humans" before agreeing or disagreeing to participate. It's of no inportance, actually. Why, you ask? Because someone, somewhere, took a liberty to decide for me, for you, for all of us - that this movie should be banned because it disagrees with a certain view. The debate, the questions, the controversy should be banned. I am no stranger to controversy, as you may well know. I refused to close my eyes on injustice , I refused to play "by rules", I refused keep my mouth shut when it would have been a prudent thing to do. I know too well how it feels when you are a creator, and you are being muzzled because your views are against someone very powerful. It's agonizing, it's unbearable. This is why I am joining in sharing "Planet of Humans" with you today, after it was banned by Google. I urge you to spare some time and watch it - not because I ask you to agree or disagree with it. I ask you to show a small gesture of support for freedom of debate, freedom of speech, against censorship - both in science and art.